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Our Mission
Our mission is to empower people through hands-on bicycle education. We hold classes, seminars and clinics covering bicycle riding, maintenance, and repair. We currently offer regularly scheduled Women's Basic Bicycle Maintenance Courses in Madison, WI.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course is a four-class series designed for beginners and those wanting to review the basics of bicycle maintenance.  It is designed to provide a supportive learning environment that caters to multiple learning styles. We want give our students increased confidence on their bicycles, whether they are riding two or two thousand miles. We encourage students to bring their own bicycle to work on during each class.

Online registration is now available!
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We also offer one-on-one and semi-private Hourly Instruction allowing students to tackle a variety of basic bike maintenance topics one at a time.  Contact us for more information.

Contact us for inquiries about seminars and clinics for your workplace, club, or organization.

What To Expect

The Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course is a wonderful resource for cyclists who want to feel more self-sufficient on the road (or the trail). It will help you digest the information found in a bike repair manual or online and help you know what to ask for when you bring your bike in for maintenance or repair.

While we won't turn you into a seasoned bike mechanic in four short classes, here is what you will feel comfortable with after attending our Basic Bicycle Maintenance Course:
  • Repairing a flat tire on your front and rear wheel
  • Increased familiarity with bike terms and tools
  • Adjusting cable tension for tuning your brakes
  • Diagnosing brake pad problems
  • Proper chain cleaning and lubrication
  • Knowing when to get a tune-up or an overhaul (and what that means)